My First StylistPick Buy

I had never heard of Stylistpick untill recently, basically it's a fashion subscription service where each month you get to pick either a pair of shoes, handbag or accessories that stylists have picked for you (from you taking a style quiz). This costs £39.99 per month free delivery, but for the first month it's £29.99 free delivery (and returns). After 10 months you get a free month. You can gain points by buying extra items per month or referring friends. If you don't like anything in your 'showroom' you can skip that month and not get charged, for more info visit the website.

So here is my first pick, I went for a handbag as I have wanted a new one for ages. My delivery came within 2 days!! It came nicely wrapped up in the paper bag above, then it was wrapped in a large dust bag, which is quite handy to have.

Meet my new handbag Ivana.

I love it!!! It is such good quality, I love how everything has a 'name' on the website, she has detachable straps and is really roomy but not oversized. Also inside was this.....

How cute a little silver adjustable charm ring!

If you do sign up to Stylistpick please feel free to use my refferal link, I don't get paid for this post or for you using my link I get some points (mentioned above).

Do you use Stylistpick?



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