How To Spot A Fake Benefit Smokin' Eyes Kit

My friend bought a Benefit Smokin' Eyes Kit off Ebay and I was appalled to see what she received, unlinke me she is not makeup mad so didn't even think twice about buying from Ebay. Fake Benefit products are all over Ebay as well as other brands such as MAC, it doesn't help buyers that when some sellers have 100% positive feedback but they are clearly selling fake products.

Ebay say they have strict policies against fake products but sellers carefully word listings or just ignore these policies. So I wanted to compare my genuine Benefit Smokin' Eyes to my friends fake, if you have nothing to compare the one you are buying too then people may not notice it is fake but when they are together the poorly made fakes stand out like a sore thumb! There are quite a few pictures as there is that many flaws!

Ok, so they look very similar, you can see why some people would presume they are buying a genuine product, many sellers will photograph a genuine product then send you a fake. You can see the difference in colour on the outer packaging, the fake outer packaging is very close to the real thing apart from the colour. Look at the shadow end of the brush, you can see the quality of the fake looks terrible!

This is the little tutorial booklet you get inside, the fake one is on cheap paper and the quality of print is very poor.

If you look at the background of the palettes they have wavy dotted lines that should all wave vertically right down to the bottom of the palette, as you can see on the fake the bottom half of the palette the wavy dotted lines change direction to horizontal. Also the background of the real product is a charcoal grey where as the fake is almost black.

Again in this picture of the outer edge the lines of the fake change direction, whereas the real continues in the same direction throughout. Also the real closes with a magnetic pull the fake doesn't have this. Notice on the fake the outer packaging has air bumps/creases in where they have quickly glued it on.

Look at the section where the brush and liner are meant to sit, on the fake it isn't even covered properly and looks awful!

Look at the difference in colours of the shadows, the fake are more matte where as the real things has a sparkle/shimmer to it. The Brow Wax and the Eye Bright in the fake looks almost plastic and shiny and generally cheap!

Some people might be happy buying fake makeup but it can be extremely dangerous, @BenefitIRE tweeted the other day that they had tested a 'Benefit' mascara bought off Ebay and it had traces of PETROL in it!! PETROL!! I wouldn't want to be putting that anywhere near my eyes.

My friend has contacted the seller who has offered a full refund, but the seller still insists it is a genuine product as she 'orders from America' this is a total lie.

I just want to also say there are many genuine sellers on Ebay too, it's just a shame the majority will sell dangerous fake products for low prices and are happy to rip people off, if the price is to good to be true then don't buy it, always look for pictures of the actual item (not stock pictures) although like I mentioned earlier this may not help.

I have learnt the hard way how to spot fakes, if you have anymore tips on spotting fakes please comment below for anyone in the future who might read this post for advise :)

Have you been suckered in by the low prices on Ebay?



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