Chanel - I Won't Be Lusting After You Anymore!

I was shocked this morning when I opened a paper to read that Karl Lagerfeld (78 year old Chanel designer) had called the amazingly talented and beautiful Adele 'a little too fat'.

Lagerfeld is known for for his controversial outbursts slating HRH the queen herself and his opinion on Adele is probably meant to be taken lightly but this man has aggravated me, who does he think he is?!?!

I am a curvy size 12/14 and proud of it but if someone public ally called me fat I wouldn't be too thrilled!!

This aside I was blog reading yesterday and came across a very interesting post by the fabulous British Beauty Blogger, I was shocked to read how Chanel view beauty/fashion bloggers, you can read the post here.....

So after lusting after Chanel handbags like most women all over the world, it has made me think twice about buying from a brand that is, well in my own opinion, rude.

What do you think of Lagerfeld's outburst?



  1. This has really changed my opinion of him! What a dick!


  2. What a pompous idiot. Not everyone on earth is meant to be thin. And i personally enjoy food too much to live on a ridiculous diet just so i can be thin. Curves are so much better then seeing bones sticking out.

    1. Ridiculous isn't it hun!! I love food and gave up dieting years ago, I think curves are much sexier than skin and bones :)


    2. this is one of the reasons i left london college of fashion the people in the fashion industry are vile and pretentious i went there with an optimistic mind thinking i cant generalise but that and this proves it hard not to! and we wonder why women have so many insecurities!... xxx


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