The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes

The Body Shop shimmer cubes have been around for ages, and I have always wanted some but never got round to buying them. Recently I have had a bit of a blog sale addiction picking up some bargains!! I bought these from a lady called Lisa for £4.50 each these are the old style cube containers but the retail price is £16.00 each so I got a huge bargain.

Each cube has 4 plastic containers inside containing a cube of eyeshadow which you can remove, I don't know how I will ever get through these as the cubes of eyeshadow are HUGE, I have tried to show the depth in the next picture.

Most eyeshadows are less than 0.5cm deep these are a whopping 1.5cm deep (approx). I am soooooo impressed, they are so shimmery and very well pigmented, here is a swatch of each shade.

The thing I like most about these shades is they have so much glitter running through them but the don't look tacky and glittery they shimmer beautifully. They can be used for a daytime looks and gradually built up for an evening look.

^ One layer ^

^ Two layers ^

What surprised me is for the amount of glitter in these shadows, while I was applying them there was no glitter falling on my face, which I hate when using glitter based shadows.

I read some reviews on The Body Shop website about the Shimmer Cubes and people have said they last forever, one lady has been using hers for 2 years and still has loads left.

I think they are most definitely worth £16.00 but I am glad I got them for a bargain price, I had a quick peek on eBay and some are selling for as low as £6.00!

Have you tried any of The Body Shop makeup?



  1. i never got round to actually pay atention for body shop make up , but as i see its pretty. and your right it looks glittery but not tacky :)
    i think i might pick some up :)

    1. I have never tried it before and have never really heard anything about it, but after trying these I will think twice and have a good look next time i'm in store :)


  2. I'm such a big fan of the Shimmer Cubes! I got so excited when the Body Shop added 4 more palettes in their permanent collection, I'm planning to get them all! Such a great value for money, I recommend them to all my friends ;)

  3. wow those are really neat i've never seen them before. they looks so nice on you xx

    My Blog: Boho Vanity

  4. Aaaww thankyou, they are fab, so glad I bought them :)


  5. I have wanted to try them for aggggeeesss and so glad I have got them, can't wait to get some more shades :)


  6. I really want to try some Body Shop make up but I've not yet. I saw these and I was so tempted though, the shades look so pretty! xo

  7. I used to have a grey shimmery one some time ago which was fab for a glittery smokey eye and as you say, no fallout. I often seem to overlook the Body Shop for makeup.

  8. I cant wait for my bodyshop shimmer cubes! :)) I'm getting palette number 06 and 23. Told my uncle to buy it in the states cause its cheaper compared here in the Philippines :D I've read tons of articles and I'm very pleased. I CANT WAIT! GAH! :D


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