What Will I Do When My Supply Runs Out?!

Now I am not a dramatic person usually but what the hell am I going to do when my LUSH snowcake runs out?! This has to be my ALL TIME FAVOURITE soap but it's a LUSH Christmas soap so only comes out at Christmas, I am addicted to it, I have reviewed it before here.

I have been buying pieces of it off eBay and swapping for every bit I can get, maybe I should start a savings jar towards buying a full sized slab of one next year (yes I love it that much)!! Look at how beautiful it is, if you could smell it through the screen you would be going 'mmmmmmmmmmm'.....

Have you got something that you couldn't live without if the shop you buy it from stopped selling it? Not just a product like mascara, foundation etc a make and brand, I would love to know.

Am I crazy?



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