What Makeup Brushes Do You Use?

I remember when I was younger I bought my first makeup brush set from Hong Kong off Ebay, the quality wasn't great but it was all I could afford. Over the years I have swapped and changed my brushes but at the moment I have a very strange mix of 5 key brushes.....

From left to right: A small eyshadow brush from my first ever purchase (and yes it has lasted surprisingly) I can't bring myself to throw this away! Then I have an Estee Lauder eyeshadow brush this brush is a lot fluffier and holds more shadow than the previous brush. My favourite brush is the middle brush, it's a Models Own powder brush, I love this range they are such good quality at such a small price! I also have the blending brush and the eyebrow/liner brush.

The powder brush is the softest brush I have ever used and I love the bright orange handles, so easy to find in a stuffed makeup bag! I am hoping to find a good quality foundation brush currently I use my fingers but end up wasting half the product all over my hands, I have tested a friends MAC foundation brush and I found it left my foundation quite streaky, not a good look! So any recommendations will be much appreciated.

What brushes do you use? Have you got a favourite or am I just weird having a favourite brush?




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