Urban Decay NAKED2 - £5.00 OFF or £5.00 Gained!

There is soooo much hype around the new Urban Decay NAKED2 palette!! I have never owned an Urban Decay palette ever and have never been to fussed about owning one either.....

But I was online last night as Debenhams accidentally leaked their exclusive link an hour early the beauty world went crazy (some more than others). They were meant to release an exclusive link at 12.00am last night for Debenhams Beauty Card holders and Facebook fans to buy the palette but it didn't go to plan, so at 11.00pm last night people were frantically clicking away, weirdly I felt left out of all of the fun and ended up buying one, then after half an hour I thought 'ooohhh maybe my friends will want one too' and I ended up buying 2 more.....OOOPPPPSSSSS!! I hope they want them or I will have to sell them.

So I am now waiting for 3 Urban Decay NAKED2 palettes through getting caught up in the moment!! Anyway to get the link you need to 'like' Debenhams Beauty Club on Facebook, they aren't being released in stores until sometime in February and this link on Facebook will stop working on Monday so you will have to be quick.

Also if you spend more than £30 on beauty products at Debenhams Beauty Card holders will receive 500 points (£5.00) so technically if you buy the UD palette you are getting it for £31.00 or gaining £5.00 :)

Have you ever been swept up in a beauty craze?



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