My Beauty Fears

I have a few things that I own but I am not brave enough to wear them, sounds weird right? Well the first is this.....

That's right bright Red lipstick.

I love the way it looks but have never worn it outside of the house! Why? I really don't know, I think people will look at me and think 'god look at the colour of her lipstick' when most people probably couldn't care less.

Another thing I have a) never worn out of the house, and never mastered is b) fake eyelashes.....

I absolutely love the different types of false lashes you can get and I love the look of them, but I have tried and tried and I cannot apply them so I have given up and now if I did master putting them on, I would (in my head) think I looked weird and very behind haha!!

Have you got a beauty or fashion fear?



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