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I finally have my laptop back, what was wrong with it? The computer repair guy told me it had over 1900 infected files on it (oooppppsss) which I found hilarious.....he did not and continued to give me a lecture. So I now have a virus free computer and virus protection! So I am ready to get posting again starting this evening when I finish work.



  1. I dread to think how many viruses my laptop has :-/ I really need to sort it out.
    You should see the state of it, it looks as if i got it off the scrap man lol.

    Holli x

  2. Hi mine is exactly the same haha!! The battery is held in by cellotape and has a crack in the screen but I love it and wouldn't want a new one :) At least it's virus free now!


  3. did u have virus protection when u got the virus?? just wondering as im new to windows laptops always had a mac which have built in virus protection as far as i know, i have norton virus protection alright but justwondering is it still possible to get virus do u know?? :O


    1. Hi Steph, no I was naughty and never got anti-virus software!! If you have Norton you should be absolutely fine, just do a full computer scan regulary :)



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