I Would Like Your Ideas

Just after Christmas I reached 100 followers, a milestone I never thought I would, and I promised a giveaway.

I am going to host a giveaway the start of February and thought it would be nice if you guys would tell me what you would like to see in my giveaway. 

Makeup? Nail products? Body products? Perfume? A mix of smaller items? One big item?

You get the picture, so comment below with your ideas, it will be one of you readers that win so i'll let you decide.



  1. I personally think you should do a couple of smaller items so more people can win something! :D xxxxx oh and well done for getting 100, that's amazing- i think I have 47 folloowers at the moment and I can't wait for 50! It's so exciting :D

  2. The above idea is great :) a few little prizes rather than one big. I think nail items are always great or bath products as everyone seems to love them all xx
    ps well done on getting over 100 xx

  3. Thanks girls, I think I will do that, then more than one person gets a nice little treat :)


  4. Congratulations on reaching 100 followers! Thats an amazing achievement and you must be very proud of yourself!

    I agree with the two other posts - a few little items so that more than one person can win. I like the idea of make up / nail products as giveaways but thats just me :)

    Rachel x



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