FOTD On Video - My First Ever Video!

I have never done a video before so this is my first! Eeeekkkk!

I thought I would start with an easy FOTD, I would love your feedback and I might do some more in the future...maybe, please excuse the 'uurrmmming' I was quite nervous as it's harder than you think talking to a camera!

Thanks for watching (if you managed it!)




  1. You did fantastic.You did come across as nervous. I have tried making videos so know how hard it is talking to a camera. Could a friend hold the camera,and you could talk to her,but really would be talking to the camera.

  2. I really liked the video, you came across as really friendly especially towards the end where I thought you became a little more comfortable :)! I love your make up routine too, the lipstick colour is beautiful! xo

  3. Thankyou girls :) Sarah I felt that too, I found towards the end it was really natural and easy to talk about things but at the begining I was 'thinking' to much haha!!



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