ELF Makeup Lock & Seal

Today I have had the day off work (I work every weekend so get my days off in the week) I have done a bit of shopping, cleaning and chilled out this afternoon - bliss, so when I woke up this morning I thought I would put the ELF Lock & Seal to the test.

What ELF say about it:

"Increase the intensity of your makeup colors and lock it on instantly. Coat your eyeliner, shadow, lipsticks, blush, brow color and more for a sealed smudge-proof wear. The quick dry and easy to use formula keeps you makeup in place for hours. Say goodbye to makeup smudges and hello to makeup that stays put!"
Sounds promising, inside you get a bottle of the product, a little dish to put the product in and mix in your chosen makeup and a brush.


Put a few drops of the Lock & Seal into the small dish provided. Dampen the brush thoroughly with the liquid and mix it with any powder or cream makeup, apply to the face and let it dry thoroughly.

I found it quite a messy process, the brush got quite wet I only used 3 drops.

I used a shade from my ELF freebie 32 shade palette. I found the eyeshadow hard to apply when using the lock&seal and I had to go over and over it because the powder is damp from the brush, I also couldn't do any blending as the shadow seems to 'set' on your lid and dry I almost always use a blended look but couldn't today, but I got there in the end, this is what it looked like once applied (I should have used a darker shade but I just went for an everyday look).

And here is what it looked like after 10 hours.....

(I took both pictures in the same room with the same lighting even though the first pic looks slightly darker, I need a new camera).
Overall the product did OK. The eyeshadow is still there but has lost it's sparkle but I think the colour would stay longer. I think this product would be great for a night out where you want vibrant eyes for a few hours, and for the price it does it's job well, but due to not being able to blend and already finding my perfect makeup setter (find out what here) I don't think I will be repurchasing it.

Have you tried this product?



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