Blink+Go Mascara - My Thoughts

I am not a subscriber to Glossy Box, but was slightly jealous when I read through other ladies blogs saying what they got in their December Glossy Box. Bling+Go mascara was a product some of them received and I really like trying new mascaras, so I did a swap with the lovely Jayne who writes 'What J Loves'.

Bling+Go Hi-Definition Mascara £12.95/8g - It claims to give you 'Longer, thicker, sexier… give your natural lashes a stunning, flake-free, waterproof boost'.

I really like the packaging, it's nice that it comes in a big box and it's all securly tucked up inside, the only downside I could think of before testing it was the wand held alot of product at the end.

Now to test it out, warning the next picture is of my naked eye, I hate not having any mascara on at all!

My lashes are quite short and have no natural curl at all! Now for the product on.....

I LOVE IT!!! It was easy to apply an instantly made my lashes look incredibly long, I probably could have built them up more but this was after a quick brush over, I am very impressed and for £12.95 I think this very well priced!!



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