Betty Hula

I have never heard of Betty Hula until I read a blog post about the range which is being sold in Sainsburys, I was interested in the flavours of Shea butters they do, their bestsellers being - Champagne & Spice and Rum & Blackcurrant. These sound strange but also quite yummy!! So I had a look on there website (click on the picture if you want to have a look).

I had a browse through there website and they say they will happily send out samples so I asked if I could try their Shea butters, so I was sent out 2 little tubs.

The samples are small, but the Shea butter is so so so thick and creamy it's divine, exactly how body butter should be and the smells are gorgeous, I applied a small amount of Champagne & Spice and I could smell it for ages afterwards and also a tiny bit went a long way!

The Shea butters cost around £14.00 for 120ml (nearly half the size of The Body Shop large tubs) which is a little on the steep side but I do really like the product, this would only be bought as a treat.

Have you tried or heard of Betty Hula?



  1. I've never even heard of these. They look and sound lovely :)


  2. Never heard or seen this before, But i love body butter. These look so cute, might have to give them a try
    Kiwi ..x

  3. I did a post about betty hula a couple of weeks ago :)
    I Love 'the secret' - absolute miracle product !!!
    glad ive found another lover !!!


  4. I love the Champagne and Spice and wish you could buy the scent in spray form so you could layer it. The body butters themselves are divine and the best I've ever tried. My hubby works at Sainsbury's so I get staff discount which makes it a bit more affordable


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