Beauty Box Favourites Of 2011

Well 2011 has been swamped with beauty boxes, Joliebox (Boudoir Prive), Glossy Box, Carmine, Feel Unique, Latest in Beauty......

I opted to subscribe to Boudoir Prive now Joliebox, I signed up in September. Each box has been nice a few better than others though, I always like receiving makeup items which I have done in every box but a thing I disliked is their obsession with Rose scented products, I hate Rose, even if you liked Rose you don't need a bathroom full of it (take note JB/BP).

So here is a reminder of what was in each box.....
October 2011

November 2011

December 2011

There are so many fab products that I enjoyed using but my favourite is one that I slated when I received it (ooopppsss).

In Novembers box we received 2 sachets of Rahua shampoo and conditioner, do you remember me moaning 'sachets are not deluxe samples' well I still agree with that but this shampoo has made my hair so so silky smooth I have been swapping things on Beauty Box Swaps on Facebook so I can get my hands on more of it. Why not buy it I hear you ask? Well each bottle costs £28!! I couldn't bear to pay that but I do love love love the product, dilemma!!!

Overall the December box (when Boudoir officially changed to Joliebox) has been my favourite box, the new look is fabulous and I hop they keep up the good work!

What has been your favourite beauty box/product?



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