VIDEO: Are You Lush Crazy?

I love LUSH, not everything I have tried has been great but most of the things I buy are fabulous. I love how they smell so delicious and are handmade with natural ingredients.

Have you ever wondered how they make everything, like your favourite soaps etc? Well I didn't know until today that they have their own Youtube channel with videos of how they make different products, this may sound sad but I found this soooo interesting to watch and thought I would share it with you guys (if you didn't know already).

This is one of LUSH's best selling soaps - Honey I Washed The Kids and here is a very cute/gorgeous guy (with the nicest smile in the world!) making it.....

And my ALL time fave LUSH soap, Snowcake (also a cute guy making it!).....

You can find all different videos from LUSH by typing into YouTube - Lush Manufacturing Presents - I don't know about you but it makes you appreciate the hard work that goes into our addictive treats!!



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