Are You A Loyal Perfume Buyer?

I have to say I like having lots of different perfumes and I am a sucker for new fragrances, new packaging and I like testing out different scents, I don't get excited by celebrity perfumes I don't know why but some of them can seem quite tacky ie. Kerry Katona, Katie Price (sorry ladies, I could go on) but I do like Paris Hilton's original perfume, for the scent not because I want to line the heiresses pockets!! But I have always been a loyal buyer of Lancome Miracle.....

(50ml bottle bought from Debenhams)

This picture is in Black and White because it seems like a lifetime ago that I first smelt this.

My aunt many many years ago worked at boots and she gave me a mini bottle of this when I was a teenager I remember being so excited and fell in love with the smell. You would think the scents you like when you are younger you would grow out of (*coughs* the So...? range) but to this day I still love it.

After a quick look on Google I found out Miracle is 12 years old!! I feel old!!!

I have many other favourites including Vera Wang Princess and Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb but Lancome Miracle is the one I turn to for special occasions.

Are you a loyal perfume buyer? What's your scent?



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