What I Use To Set My Makeup

Everyone wants their makeup to last all day don't they? So I thought I would show you 2 products that I have been testing for a while now that help keep my makeup stay put for the whole day.

E.L.F High Definition Powder £6.00 for 8g & Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray £19.00 for 118ml.

The E.L.F HD powder is what I use after I have applied primer and/or foundation, the reason I like this powder so much is it applies really well, I find some powders look too 'powdery' if you know what I mean and you can see it sat on your skin, this blends in beautifuly. The one and only down side to this product is the packaging, it is soooo messy the powder gets everywhere as you can see from the pictures......

Before I got my Urban Decay setting spray I used to spray hairspray on my face - not a great idea. This is now my new essential, at £19.00 it seems very expensive but I absolutely love it.

When you have finished all of your makeup spritz and few pumps all over your face, it feels quite moist at first and the first time I used it I panicked thinking it would take my makeup off but it dries within 30 seconds, back to my normal matte finish! Since using it I have noticed my makeup lasts a lot longer, even after a night out of dancing, my makeup looks great without any top ups (except lipstick - of course). I don't use this day to day because of the price I try to save it for occasions like going out for the evening or weekends. It really does last a long time and I will be re-purchasing when I run out.

I still haven't found a great primer though :( I am currently using an Avon Magix one that I love the feel and texture of but I don't think it really does much. Any suggestions?

How do you set your makeup?



  1. I've been wanting to try urban decay spray for a while but I couldn't find many reviews. Thanks for that! :)

    What u looking for in a primer? For pores, benefit Porefessional is good. At the moment I'm loving Monu Skin Perfector. Great all rounder and also moisturiser.

  2. @ Alex, you should definitly try it hun!! I want a primer than is light on the face and gives an even base. I have never heard of Monu where do you get that from?


  3. the Rimmel Match Perfection Fix and Perfect Primer is really good and it's only £6.99 so its good value as well and you can also instantly see that it's working. Hope that helped.

  4. Thanks Paige, I have read quite a few reviews on the Rimmel primer, so I think I will definitly have to test that one out :D


  5. I got Monu to try in the Glossybox but if you go on their website, you can also order some free sample. :)



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