What Do You Do With Your Beauty Box Rejects?

As you know I have subscribed to Boudoir Prive and have been getting the beauty boxes for a few months, I know a lot of you do to or Glossy Box, Carmine etc but what do you do with the products you have either tested or just don't fancy trying?

Well I may be the last to know this (which is usually the case) but there is a UK facebook page called 'Beauty Box Swaps' (just type this into your search box on Fabcebook) where you can swap your unwated products for ones you want.

In my Boudoir Prive box I got a Studio Makeup Lipstick in shade tender pink, which is a pretty shade but after I swatched it on the back of my hand I knew I would never use it...

So I swapped it for a different shade - Really Red - I will use this a lot more than the tender pink over the festive season (not my perfect lip picture but you get the idea of the colour).

As you can see from the picture it's really glossy and I will use it a lot more. I also swapped some products from the October Boudoir Prive that I hadn't used or tested for some more of the Rahua shampoo and conditioner which costs £27-£29 PER BOTTLE!! I could not justify spending that per bottle so I am swapping as many as I can as I really like it.

My Little Surprise

The postman came and I had an unexpected little package, I opened it and it was.....

About a month ago I typed in my details on the Blistex facebook page as they had lots of prizes to giveaway and I won one......

It is a lip balm/salve with a hint of colour and makes your lips glossy and soft, really great to keep in my bag over these winter months, so a big thank you to Blistex, I always enter these '1000 to be won' and never get anything so this made my day.



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