New CID I-Gloss.

I had never heard of this brand untill the beauty box market decided to team up with them. Like I have said before I am not a huge lipgloss fan but when I received the New CID I-Gloss in my Joliebox this month I was quite excited to try it out. I received shade Coconut Ice.....

I am a sucker for anything different and cute, and this has a light in the lid which turns on when you unscrew the lid, and a mirror on the tube where the gloss is, perfect for a night out. I took this picture without a flash so you can see.....

I really like it, the gloss isn't sticky or thick like some glosses I have tried, the quality is good but it will not be converting me to gloss rather than lipstick. It lasts around an hour max and then you need to top it up (like most glosses).

Here is what it looks like on (sorry about the poor quality photo my camera is not my friend at the moment, and the spot.....don't get me started on that!).....

 I will definitly be using this for nights out, I am very intruiged by the brand, I would love to try one of their lipsticks as I have read really good things about them.

Have you tried the New CID Lipsticks?




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