My Haul Lush Update

A few weeks ago I posted about my mini LUSH haul here. I thought I would give you an update of what I liked and disliked, yes there was things I disliked...from LUSH...I am shocked too!

First of all I bought this cute Secret Santa box containing a Lil' Pud bath bomb (which I have already told you about here) and a 65g Snowcake soap.

The Snowcake soap has got to be my all time fave soap from LUSH I have EVER tried. It smells just like almonds, an almond creamy cake!ha! But the one downside to it is it doesn't last long at all, it is so creamy and makes your skin feel and smell divine but it disappears before your eyes, I have used this soap 5 times and this is what is left, bear in mind this was really thick.......

But despite how quickly it goes, I will be buying this again and again, I can't stop smelling my skin every time I use it!!

I also got a tester of Aqua Marina Cleanser and I have to say I am very disappointed with it, it doesn't do anything for me at all and it leaves my skin feeling kind of waxy? It may just be my skin but this is the second cleanser I have tried from LUSH (the last being Herbalism) and neither have them have left me feeling cleansed, so I am glad this was a tester.

The other item I bought was the Angel's Delight Soap.....

Which I described as smelling like a bag of jelly babies, and it does it smells lovely, but for me this is more of a fruity summery soap, I have cut it up into little hand soaps.

I haven't had a LUSH shop for 2 weeks now....that's a long time!! So next week I am off shopping in Reading so no doubt there will be another LUSH haul post, have you got any good suggestions of great products you have tried from there?

My Dragons Egg is still being saved for a night out over Christmas.



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