Mini 17 Haul - Boots Go Makeup Gift Crazy!

I had a little visit to Boots today and was browsing the makeup stands, each and every one of them are doing a 'spend £... and receive this free gift' there is a huge selection of cute little boxes/bags of samples and full sized products. I am trying not to spend to much at the moment but needed a new top coat, so I opted for a 17 Nail Xtras Double Top Coat, and noticed if I spent £6.00 on 17 products I got a freebie, so here is what I bought.....

The top coat is amazing and super super glossy! And a Starry Night Glitter Eyeliner, I have never tried a glitter eyeliner but I am very impressed with this, it's almost a gel, it does take a while to dry but as soon as it does it stays put for ages! Definitely going to be using this over Christmas.

Now onto the freebie.....

This cute little purse with 3, yes 3, nail polishes, Nightshade, Glitter Top Coat, Risky Red and a little nail file. I have tried the Risky Red and wow it's great, very bright and very Christmasy! I did try it with the Glitter Top Coat but I didn't really like it against the Red so I chose the Glossy Top Coat but I do think the Glitter Top Coat will look great over the Nightshade, but I haven't tested that yet......

All of this for £6.00!!!

Have you got any freebies from Boots yet?



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