Look Nail Polish & My FREE Lush Sample

I went shopping yesterday, Christmas shopping...for other people...so I tried to be good and not spend on myself, but I have wanted a glitter nail polish for ages and kept seeing different ones on other blogs, so as I walked into Superdrug to get some hair dye this beauty said to me 'buy me, buy me!' so it had to be done!

Look (yes the magazine) have brought out a beauty range and the items are very reasonably priced, this polish cost me £5.00, it's in shade Dorothy, yep from the Wizard of Oz with her sparkly shoes!

It is stunning, it took about 3-4 coats to get the look I wanted but it is well worth it, it is soooo hard to photograph so I have taken a picture with the flash and without......

The pictures do not do this shade any justice, I can't stop looking at my nails they look so so fabulous, I will definitely be wearing this on Christmas day, it looks so classy when it's on!! This is a must have!!

LUSH Sample

I went into LUSH and bought some friends a Secret Santa Box (very cute gift idea that I have reviewed here) and I got this FREE sample for me!

I had never heard or seen this product before it's 'Lustre Dusting Powder - Fragranced with our well-known Lust perfume. Contains a fine gold shimmer pigment to give the skin a very subtle light glow.

"Smells amazing and feels silky smooth on the skin – leaves you ready for anything or anyone. Mark made this fragrance originally because he wanted an adult fragrance that was pure lust. It is very much an unapologetic jasmine scent that doesn’t try to hide its primal nature too much.

Our Lust fragrance is one of those smells which works in pretty much everything we decide to try it in. That’s not always the case with perfumes, which can sometimes alter when put in different bases. This one however, gives itself to everything."
When I opened it it had a very overpowering Jasmine scent and alot of people on the LUSH website had reviewed that they didn't like it, but after testing it on the back of my hand it smells gorgeous, subtle Jasmine with a very sweet smell.

I really like this product, it's super shimmery so ideal for a night out but at £10.00 for 45g I think it's quite expensive, but it's something I would only use for a night out....so maybe it's worth it?

Have you tried it? And what do you think of my new nail polish?



  1. I love your red sparkly nails,they're really christmassy. I've not tried the dusting powder, I need to visit Lush more often. xo


  2. Aaawww Thankyou Sarah, I am in love with them!! Can't stop looking at them, good thing is if they start to look dull I just wack another layer on and they look fab!! :) Christmas nails sorted, just need a dress now :S


  3. @ Kasie - You should definitly get it, it's fab! I will check your blog out now, I love reading new blogs :)


  4. The nails look fab specially for the festive season x


  5. Love red sparkly nails, going to do mine red and green glitter on Christmas day :D Wish i could find this Look make up range somewhere!!

  6. Jeanbr-kahtleenclaire on MUAThursday, 15 December 2011 at 08:50:00 GMT

    It reminds me of Mavala Red Diamonds which I love (and which hubby hates :) ). I hope for your sakes it's easier to remove than the Mavala though. It's a total nightmare to shift.
    I saw the makeup advertised in this weeks issue - the palette looks pretty good doesn't it

  7. @ Lolita - It is isn't it :)

    @ Angie - You should track it down and buy it hun!!

    @ Jean - I am DREADING taking it off haha!! I just keep topping it up for noe :s


  8. Wow, what a lovely shade! I love the name 'Dorothy' too, its perfect! I've been looking for a glittery nail varnish for ageees and bought the Barry M Limited Edition one last night but its only available in silver and I desperatley want some other colours so will have to check out the Look range!

    Thanks for an informative post!

    I've followed you :) If you could follow back it would make my day :)...


  9. @ Pinktink - it's gorgeous isn' it!! I am off to look at your link now :)


  10. I've not tried the dusting powder from Lush but doing to keep an eye out or it! I love your nails Xx


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