Estee Lauder Eyeshadow Palette Review

As you probably know I bought the Estee Lauder Makeup Kit recently, I haven't reviewed the full kit yet so thought I would start with the gorgeous eyeshadow palette which has a huge range of colours in.....

Each row from left to right:
79 summer linen, 72 amazing grey, 09 amethyst spark, 46 flirty lilac, 01 pink flash, 27 purple passion,
47 nude fresco, 13 tranquil moon, 73 peacock blue, 07 smokey ember, 23 berry burst, 63 tempting mocha, 
33 ivy envy, 38 chocolate bliss, 10 ivory slipper, 50 sandbar beige, 35 hot cinnamon and 11 riviera rose.

This may sound stupid but I love reading names of shades.

Instead of swatching each and every shade I thought I would try and create the looks which are in the 'Color Stylist Look Book' which came with the set. I am only focusing on the eyes at the moment, so the first look is the 'Warm day look'.....

And here is my attempt.....

Now for the 'Cool night look'.

And my attempt.....
Well there isn't a picture.....I attempted to do the night look but was dissapointed with the darker shades of the palette, they aren't highly pigmented even though they may look it and even when I tried to layer the shades they weren't dark at all. I do really like the palette, but after trying it ALL of the shades no matter how dark the shades look they are all daytime shades.
Slightly disappointing but I would use it for day to day eyes as the staying power is amazing!
I will have to stick to my good old Sleek palette for my evening makeup.



  1. These colours are so pretty! Shame about the pigmentation, but it's nice to have some wearable dark shades :) So jealous that you got the kit though... I just can't bring myself to spend the money :P xo

  2. I know it's alot to spend, I just NEEDEED the makeup bag haha! It's great I have got some dark wearable shades for daytime, just thought they would be darker :(


  3. All of the shades are gorgeous and ones that I would personally use. Shame about the pigmentation though! So annoying when that happens

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  4. They are gorge aren't they Allie! Yeh it's a shame but maybe I can be more adventurous with my daytime looks now, usually I stick to beige/brown...very adventurous haha!!


  5. I really, really wanted to get the Estee Lauder gift set (the £50 one, when you buy a frangrance), but when I actually went to get it, I was hungover, and just didn't seem to fussed about it.
    I realised I had similar things to most of the shades and products, so I gave it a miss (not like me at all).
    What do you make of it Emma?

  6. wowww all are extremely gorguoes and pigmented
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    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥

  7. I would have thought all of these would be highly pigmented! What a shame! Well at least you could do some really great daytime looks :)

  8. @ Miss Dre, they look like they should be highly pigmented but are just not :( But yes I will definitly use them all for some different daytime looks.

    @ Maxine, haha!! A hangover can make me go off everything!! I am super impressed with the makeup bag and around 50% of the items, so I have sold some on my Blog Sale, overall I am happy :)



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