An Easy Festive Nail Art Design Tutorial.

I am terrible when it comes to nail art, I don't own a nail art pen (which I will be investing in soon) but I like to try different things on my nails. I was blog reading and saw a few people blogging about Reindeer nails which looked fab, but when I tried it looked ... well... not fab...AT ALL! So I tried to think of an easy festive nail art solution. Father Christmas' or Santa's hat.

Start with a base coat of your choice, I chose a polish from Maybeline in shade 669.....

Then chose a red shade (my mini OPI) and using the nail polish brush paint a rough triangle, it doesn't have to be perfect.....

Then take a regular hair pin/ hair grip and unfold it like this.....

Dunk the end of the hair clip into a white shade of nail polish and add a dot to the top of your Santa hat and and dot around the bottom edge (a hair clip is such a good tool for making perfect dots on your nails) and here is what it looks like.....

What do you think?



  1. ooh i'm going to try this! i use hair gripsfor nail art too; thought i was the only one!

  2. Awwr so cute, <3 it :) xxxxxxxxxx

  3. So cute! Merry Christmas!

  4. I suck at nail art I wish I was better at it.This looks great very cute!

  5. That is such a cool design. Congratulations on winning the Cetaphil :)xx

  6. oh wow I love these nails! too cute! xxx

  7. Oh so cute.. i love this prefect for the holiday season u did a great job, im a new follower by the way and u have a great blog, i hope u can stop by mine and follow

  8. This looks so cute!


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