What Do You Look For in a Mascara?

I am quite fussy when it comes to mascaras. It MUST be:

1. Lengthening (when I was 13 I used some eyelash curlers without padding and cut them all off ha, so I have eyelashes on one eye shorter than the other, they have grown back but not as much! I have never used them since, ten years on).

2. Long lasting - NO PANDA EYES!

3. NOT clumpy at all.

4. Easy to remove.

So I have been testing 3 different brands and here is what I think.....
First is Rimmel Glam Eyes Day to Night, this mascara comes with 2 brushes one for volume and one for length.

^^ Volume Brush ^^

^^ Length Brush ^^

This is a nice mascara which is long lasting. The length brush is very good as it doesn't hold much of the product but really does lengthen your lashes, but on the downside the volume brush has too much product on it and lashes look very clumpy!!
This costs around £7.00. I would rate this product as a 7/10.

Next is a Bare Escentuals mascara called BUXOM Lash.

I got this in a swap on MUA. I much prefer the rubber wands to the usual ones, I find they apply a lot better (for me) but the problem with this mascara is the applicator is really big, like the same size as my eye, so it's quite difficult to apply, and as you can see from the picture it holds a lot of the product at the end of the wand so it makes it quite difficult to do the smaller lashes in the corner of your eye without getting it everywhere!It does lengthen the lashes though and looks great on when you have mastered the mahhooosive wand.

This product costs around £15.00. I rate this product again a 7/10.

And finally is Boot No7 Extreme Length.

This has got to be my favourite out of the 3. It has all of my needs in a mascara!
1. Lengthening - Check!

2. Long lasting - NO PANDA EYES! - Check!

3. NOT clumpy at all - Check!

4. Easy to remove - Check!
This product costs £12.00 but I used a £5.00 off voucher which Boots do regulary which made it £7.00. I would rate it 9.5/10!! There us always room for improvement right?
What mascara do you use, as I love testing new ones out!



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