Wet'n'Wild - Comfort Zone Palette

I have a friend that I made online called Bonnie (Hi Bonnie if you are reading this!), she lives in the US and we regularly do little swaps for items we each can't get hold of in our own countries. So I decided I wanted to try a Wet'n'Wild palette, I checked out shades online and chose shades 'Comfort Zone'. Here is what the palette looks like...

I like the names on the shades telling you which colour goes where but the packaging is very dull, the lid is just see-through plastic. It got a little bashed in the post but it looks good. So here is what it looks like using each shade in the suggested places, please excuse the dark pictures it's a very dull day here in Hampshire even with my lights on inside (winter already!!).

I really like the colours (preferring the Green side to the Bronze - which is unlike me to chose the more colourful option) the definer on the Bronze side seems to dark for the rest of the colours, but overall I really like the high shine metallic look it creates, it also seems to last quite a while too, always a must for me.

I have to say though the brush that comes with it is useless, all the strands fell out of it almost instantly and there is quite a bit of fall out from the shadows but for $5 to $6 for a palette (around £3.50!) it really is a bargain that if I found some more colours I liked I would buy again.

What do you think?



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