Retro Curlers - Clairol Lock 'n Roll

When I was younger (a lot younger!) my mum had these amazing heated rollers called Clairol Lock 'n Roll. The are so so retro now and you can't buy them in the UK anymore, to show you how old they are just look at the packaging......

So when I found some on eBay I was over the moon, they may be old buy they are fab!! I paid £15.00 for them free delivery, and I think you should all buy some if you find curling your hair a chore!

My hair is very long and very thick so using my curling iron it takes me about an hour+ to curl it, these babies take 10 mins to put in and 2 minutes to take out....

You roll your around the bottom and then fold them back on themselves like this...

Leave them in for as long as you like, if I was going out for the night I would put them in and take them out just before I leave, but this is what my hair looked like after 20 mins...

All curly. This has to be my favourite find of the whole year, you do not understand how much I hate curling my hair but I love curly hair!! Love them!!



  1. omfg these look amazing!! why would they scrap these!!

  2. They are sooo good! Really don't know why they don't do them now, but I am very happy I got some they are saving me alot of time and stress when I get ready for nights out, more relaxing time to make myself look beautiful, and a glass of wine or 3 :)


  3. i'm going to have to keep an eye out me thinks! ive never understood how to use bendy rollers, and ive never had any normal ones other than polly pockets ones when i was about 6 xD

  4. I am exactly the same, I have tried bendy things and the roller things that hairdressers use but they rip my hair out when taking them out!haha! Provlem solved buying these, you can probobaly get them cheaper on ebay but I had to have them as soon as I saw them on 'buy it now' on ebay :D


  5. I've wanted to try rollers for ages, never thought about buying them off ebay!

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  6. Holy cow these are awesome!! I want! =p

    ~ Lauren <3

  7. @ right, I cannot tell you in words how amazing they are!!lol!!


  8. I had my hair professionally done for my wedding 17 years ago. She used these lock n roll by clairol. THE BEST CURLS I have ever had in my hair. Nothing since has ever compaired. They are on EBAY for as cheap as $9. Hope it helps. Plus before you wrap the strand of hair make sure its small sections and put it into two pieces and twist them together and then wrap it up. You DO NOT have to use these hot! Towel dry your hair, twist the strand, wrap it up on the curler, blow dry medium to cool. Hot burns. No matter what your time constrant is, you need 10 max to curl and extra 10 if blow drying. You would probably blow dry anyway if you were in a hurry. Hope it helps.


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