Retro Curlers - Clairol Lock 'n Roll

When I was younger (a lot younger!) my mum had these amazing heated rollers called Clairol Lock 'n Roll. The are so so retro now and you can't buy them in the UK anymore, to show you how old they are just look at the packaging......

So when I found some on eBay I was over the moon, they may be old buy they are fab!! I paid £15.00 for them free delivery, and I think you should all buy some if you find curling your hair a chore!

My hair is very long and very thick so using my curling iron it takes me about an hour+ to curl it, these babies take 10 mins to put in and 2 minutes to take out....

You roll your around the bottom and then fold them back on themselves like this...

Leave them in for as long as you like, if I was going out for the night I would put them in and take them out just before I leave, but this is what my hair looked like after 20 mins...

All curly. This has to be my favourite find of the whole year, you do not understand how much I hate curling my hair but I love curly hair!! Love them!!



  1. Hi! I just bought the Lock n Roll Curlers today. It did not come with an instruction manual, so I was soooo happy to find your site! Thank you! I have very long hair. Takes me forever just to dry it.

    Can you please tell me what is the difference in doing wavy hair and curly hair with the Curlers? And how do you know where to put the Curlers?
    Thank you. Tanya. I am emailing you from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.


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