November Boudoir Prive Box - Was It Worth The Wait?

Boudoir Prive have been having some timing issues, telling people a date that the boxes will be dispatched and it ends up being a lot later etc this really gets on my nerves, by the time I have my box it's nearly time to pay for the next one, so Boudoir have promised a better service as of from next month as they are switching carrier.....we shall see. Anyway here is what I got in this months box.....

Was it worth the wait? Am I excited by it? The answer is NO!

We were told the box would be well worth the wait and is full of the best products, well i'm not excited by it. Here are the items I got in more detail...

This is Vinies Ayurvedas Soul Luminous Skin Mask, lots of people have tested this out already and wrote on Boudoir's Facebook wall saying it burns and makes your face red for around an hour, what's that about? And it looks horrible and smells as bad as it looks, the packaging is very cheap looking so I am not sure whether I will be testing this out at all, and the best of it is we got 2x 15g pots of the stuff!!!


Dead Sea Spa Magik Body Lotion 50ml, this is a quite a nice product just an ordinary body lotion, I think Dead Sea must be doing lots of promotions at the moment as their products have been in several beauty boxes over the past couple of months.


This is a 10ml Korres Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturiser, this is a nice product and doesn't smell overpowering with a rose scent, but this is the 3rd time in a row we have had a rose smelling product in the box!! I don't like rose !! And this is the second box in a row with a Korres product in.


Rahua Voluminous Shampoo and Conditioner, we got 4 sachets 2x 10ml shampoo and 2x 8ml conditioners, but are sachets deluxe samples?? But I will look forward to trying them out, I love testing new shampoo and conditioners.

FULL SIZED PRICE £27.00-£28.50 275ML

The best thing in the box is this Studio Makeup Lipstick in shade Tender Pink, I like the colour and the packaging is very cool, to get the lipstick out you push the bottom like you would a pen....

And out it pops.....

Very nice, but like I have said with the Korres products this is also the second time we have had a Studio Makeup item in our box.

Overall I am disappointing, I will try everything out and give it a go and I have decided to see what the December box is like (as Boudoir say they have a big surprise and the December box is amazing and will be on time hhhmmmmm) and if it isn't great then I will unsubscribe and maybe try a different company. I know everyone isn't got to like everything in every box, but the boxes are getting very 'samey'.

What do you think?



  1. I agree - I'm not signed up to Boudoir Privee, but I've had a couple of Dead Sea Spa products in my Glossy Box and I wasn't very wowed by my last box. Still, I know if I unsubscribe, the next box will be fantastic!! xx

  2. I would not recommend the face mask hun! It does leave your skin bright red and burns a little although it's not too uncomfortable. I found my skin to be rather dry after using it and it smells of curry!! Really it does, I can't get rid of the smell! x

  3. @ Thebristolbeautyblog that's what I am worried about haha!!

    @Kayleigh, too late hun I just tried it, my face is burning and red, I thought my skin was very hardy but this stuff is yuk!! It smells so so bad!!


  4. I'd be pretty peeved if it didnt come when it was meant to, and to be honest I don't think much of the selection in your box! I got my first feel unique beauty box at the start of this month, and recommend it! I did a review on it, so perhaps try that? (cheaper too!)
    Belle du Brighton

  5. Ooo sounds interesting, I will take a look through your blog now. I have tried a couple of my items which I will review soon and they aren't great :(


  6. Feel Unique box is great and under a tenner including postage x

  7. I have heard good things about feel unique, I still get Boudoir Prive for £10.0 because if you signed up before the price increase you get it for £10.00 still, I am going to give them untill the Dec box as they 'say' they have a big suprise hhhmmmm....... we shall see.



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