Nice'n Easy 100 Natural Pale Blonde

I have been working non stop for the last ten days because my bosses have been away I finished work this evening, looked in the mirror and nearly died. My roots were awful, how did I let them get like this!!

So as I was doing my weekly food shop in Tesco I grabbed a pack of Nice'n Easy in shade 100 Natural Pale Blonde.

I have always used Nice'n Easy for many reasons but the main one is because of this.....

The colour seal conditioning gloss. It is fab, my hair always feels silky smooth using this and smells delicious! It also keeps my hair clean for days! On the tube it says '6 weekly treatments' but I use half a tube per wash, I love slapping a ton of it on and leaving it to do it's magic while I soak in the tub.

So here are the before and after pics, please do not judge me on the before pics I am only human.

BEFORE: *Dies with embarrassment* The piece I have pulled across is what it's meant to look like!

AFTER: Silky (un-straightened so excuse the flyaway) lovely toned hair, I feel human again!!

I would never use anything but Nice'n Easy I love it, in Tesco at the moment it is on offer for £5.00 per pack.



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