MUA Cosmetics - My First Ever Purchase

I don't class my self as a makeup snob, I have a large range of products from the higher end to lower end of the makeup 'scale' but how come I have never bought from MUA before? Well if I am truly honest I thought that makeup products costing around £1.00 each can't be good, can they?

Well curiosity got the better of me and as Superdrug are having a 3 for 2 event on all makeup at the moment I thought I would test MUA out. For £2.00 (YES £2.00!) I got......

Lipstick in shade 9.

Single eyeshadow in shade 5.

Blusher in shade 1.

It would be nice if the shades had names (my personal preference) but they haven't so that's that. Here is what they look like......

From left to right: Blusher, eyeshadow and lipstick.

I have been wearing the blusher today and I am quite impressed, it is a baby pink colour, I don't usually go for this shade blusher I use Nars Orgasm but wanted something softer for day times and this is a perfect shade it lasted well and is a great to pop into your handbag. I would be gutted if my Nars blush got smashed in my bag so this is perfect.

The lipstick is brilliant! I have several MAC lipsticks and this is just as good, really it is, the only difference is the packaging isn't as attractive as the likes of MAC. I am definitly going to stock up on this, perfect shade for me, moist and has a slight sparkly finish.

The eyeshadow is not a colour I would usually buy but I wanted something different. I have to say the staying power is good but on the downside after the first layer of the eyeshadow is brushed away it kind of glosses over and becomes slightly moist in texture. Here's a pic....

It still works but you have to use quite a few strokes of your brush to pick it up and be quite rough with it.

Overall I like this brand, I will definitely be buying more of the lipsticks and want to try more shades.

Have you tried MUA or are you a makeup snob?



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