LUSH Secret Santa Box & My New Makeup Bag!

I recently told you about my mini LUSH haul here and I bought a little Secret Santa box for £5.50 but hadn't opened it yet, well here is what was inside.....

I love how LUSH pack their boxes with popcorn, very cute! In it is a Lil' Pud Bath Bom & Snowcake Soap.

So as today has been soooo bloody cold I wanted a nice soak in the bath an chose this L'il Pud bath bomb to join me, now, it isn't anything special compared to bath ballistics like Golden Wonder which I reviewed here, but it smells soooo yummy you would probably want to eat me right now :) It has (as expected) a Christmas pudding-y smell and I can smell toffee?? Maybe that is just me but it smells good enough to eat!!

Yum, yum, yum. I definitely want more of these for these cold winter nights!

My New Makeup Bag

I told you last week I wanted to buy the Estee Lauder makeup kit, and I did :) I havn't reviewed it yet as I havn't had time to test everything, but the things I won't use are on my blog sale. The main reason I wanted this set is for the makeup bag, I know silly but it is gorgeous...look...

I just love it sooooo much, it's big, sturdy and is just so good looking!!

I will be reviewing my Estee Lauder purchases a bit at a time so look out for them, people think EL is slightly old-lady-ish, but I would have to disagree, the quality is great, i'm currently using another sample of Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation and think it's amazing, hope Santa brings me the full size version!

What is your favourite foundation? I love medium to full coverage foundations with a matte finish.



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