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I recently did a post about my mascaras that I have been testing. I am always looking to try out different mascaras and somebody (either on my blog or on twitter) said I should try out the MUA mascara, so I went out to have a look, unfortunately they were out of stock of the normal mascara they do but they had in the 'Extreme Curl'.......

This was £2.50, and it smells like sherbet! The brush for me is really odd, it curls up slightly at the end but I couldn't use the end of it due to the product clinging to this bit, even when you try to wipe it off!!

But after trying it out, I really like it, it's more of a lengthening mascara for me as my lashes are not very curly and I don't think they want to be either!! Here is what it looked like on............

I am not sure how long lasting it is as I have only been wearing it for an hour, but if you are on a budget this would be great!

I also was told that MUA's foundation is good too. As I told you in my previous post I use Estee Lauder Double Wear (samples I have picked up from the counters) at the moment and love it and will be buying it if Santa doesn't get it for me, but paying £26.50 for it I wouldn't want to wear it if I was just nipping to Tesco but wanted a bit of coverage! I noticed with the MUA foundations that the shades are extremely light, I am usually an Ivory shade but I had to go for shade 2 which is called Honeycomb, sounds dark doesn't it.....

It's easy to apply has a medium/full coverage and doesn't feel heavy on the skin, it also has a nice shine free matte finish. Overall I like it and at £2.00 it's a bargain, great for those times you don't want to use your most expensive products.



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