I Am A Day Late, But.....

Happy Halloween!!!

Scary right?

Don't worry it's only me!!
I ran myself a bath and thought I would show you my bath time treats this evening.....

Lush Cupcake Face Mask - This mask smells just like chocolate with a slight hint of mint. It's £5.95 per pot which may seem slightly steep for a face mask but you will get 3-4 uses out of it. I love this product, my face feels refreshed and cooled (I think this is the mint) but the one and only downside (one that I can live with) is that it's very hard to apply, because it's made with natural ingredients (which is a good thing) it can be quite lumpy and hard to spread but this would not stop me from buying this product again!

GLOGG - 'After one too many glasses of wine wash your hair and body with our warming spicey-cinnamon filled shower gel' I have had this for ages and never used it. I see this more as a day-to-day shower gel whereas if I was going out I would use something a bit sweeter, but I love cinnamon and this smells yummy! I'm not too sure whether I would buy it again, but I will definitely be using it all up.
Sorry if I scared you.



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