Golden Wonder Bath Bomb from LUSH

So I thought I would make a start on showing you all what I bought on my Lush spree. I have lots to show you but first I will tell you about this little beauty. Golden Wonder bath bomb, it's massive! It has a gold shimmer all over it and looks lovely. I am going to show you what it was like when I dropped it into my bath, I am pinching this wonderful idea from Angie (with her permission) over at The Beauty Belle.

Now me being me (ditsy!) I stupidly dropped in some bubble bath into my bath, I was on auto pilot so the pics aren't as great as i'd hoped but i'm sure you will be able to see this is a special bath bomb.......

Starting of yellow.......

Then a splash of pink appears along with some blue......

Then when everything stopped fizzing I ended up with a deep turquoise bath with a golden shimmer over the surface (I tried to get a good pic of this but the camera didn't want to make my life easy so you will just have to believe me).......

The smell was yummy, even my boyfriend loved the smell!!!

I came out all shimmery which was perfect as I was going out that evening. I liked it so much I bought one for a friend for her to try, I will definitely be buying more of these!!



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