Wet & Wild Brow Kit Review

I recently reviewed the Benefit Smokin' Eyes Set which is on my Christmas list, but I need something for my unruly brows for the up and coming party season, so I wanted to find a cheaper alternative to put me on until I get it. I opted for this...

Wet n Wild Beauty Benefits Effortless Eyes Kit. This cost me £2.79 plus £0.80 delivery from Ebay brand new.

I decided to give it a quick go and unfortunately I am not to impressed :( It says the kit is meant to 'Open, define and accentuate eyes' and it did non of these. The brushes that come with it are so so tiny even Tinkerbell would struggle using them! But I can't complain it is only a cheap set, but still i'd prefer 1 larger brush than 3 tiny ones anyway....... I wasn't impressed that there was no wax in the set, I thought most brow kits come with wax to tame unruly brows, which mine are! And the eyeshadows were hardly noticeable, (excuse the brows, they need plucking).....

So all in all this was money not well spent, I like to think even if a product isn't amazing I could use it in some way, but this I don't think I will pick up again :( I would have made a nicer look using a brown eyeshadow and some Vaseline. Sorry W'n'W it's a thumbs down from me.

Don't you hate that when a product doesn't do what it says on the tin!

Estee Lauder have got an amazing offer on at the moment. Buy any fragrance and you can buy this kit for £50 it's worth over £300!!! And if you buy it of the website you get FREE delivery and 4 deluxe samples for free too!!
I have managed to persuade my boyfriend he needs to buy his mum an Estee Lauder perfume for Christmas so I can buy the kit and we are going to get it on Friday, I am super excited!! I have noticed a few products that I probably won't use so I thought I would put them on my blog sale, and if they don't sell pop them on Ebay, so keep your eyes peeled over the weekend for some Estee Lauder bargains, I really love the look of the makeup case!!



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