Benefit Smokin' Eyes Set - Worth The Money?

The Benefit Smokin' Eyes Set has been around for a while now and it has never been something I wanted until recently, but at £23.50 I was unsure whether I wanted to splash out that much on a set I don't 'actually' need.

Well luckily for me, my friend has this set and she was kind enough to let me test it out.

So inside it has a little step by step guide which I read and tried to follow and here are the results, I took a few pictures in different lights as this isn't something I would wear in the daytime more for a night out.

I really really wish this set was rubbish as I can't afford it right now but I love it, like really love it, I must buy it before the party season starts I would wear this on any night out and if I wanted a bit of colour as well I could just blend it in somewhere, you could make this even more smokey by adding more or less smokey using less. So yes I think this is definitely worth the money, I would use this all the time.

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What do you think of the Smokin' eyes set?



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