A Splash of Daytime Colour

I used to be afraid of adding colour to my make up collection but now I am a colour lover. Sometimes I think it's hard to use colour for an 'everyday' look without looking too over the top so here is a little step by step guide for a hint of colour. Excuse the eyebrows they are being waxed tomorrow :)

1. My naked eye....well almost naked, primer (Avon Magix Perfecter) and tinted moisturiser (Laura Mercier).

2. Here I have added a base eyeshadow, I used Boots No7 shade 70 Innocence, this is my base for everything it's great, I take this right up to the brow line. Then I have added a colourful eyeliner by Cargo - Boogie nights. I received this in my last Boudoir Prive box. You could leave it as it is or add a little flick (below).


3. Using a blending brush (I used my models own blending brush) dot on your crease your chosen colour I chose a colour from my Sleek Chaos palette.

4. Blend, blend, blend. Blend the colour above the crease and below.

5. Add mascara (please excuse my slightly clumpy lashes I am testing out a new mascara and it's not great, watch out for a review soon).

A splash of daytime colour.

What do you think?



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