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Tomorrow I am going for the first time in AGES!! I have had to buy my beauty products online as I have been working non stop. I love to go into shops and test things though so I am going into Windsor for a little spree. The things on my shopping list are (sorry about the poor quality pics).

Lush cupcake fresh face mask.

Lush bath bomb - I think it's called Golden Wonder. Now I know it's a little early to be thinking of Christmas but I saw this on another blog and have to have one myself, pictures will be posted on Tuesday, this bath bomb is extremely special!!!

My blog is about all things beautiful and usually this consists of beauty products but I really want to find a LBD for nights out, something simple but elegant so I will be shopping the sale rails as I am on a budget!!

I am also going to be using my £1.00 off voucher for the garnier B.B cream as I have fallen in love with it!!

I am sure I will come back with a lot more but that is what I want/need. I will keep you posted with any offers or freebies I manage to get too.



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