OPI Again

I have splurged again and got more OPI shades.

Mermaids Tears and Planks Alot.

Surprise surprise, I love them both! They are both pastel shades and definitely need two coats, Mermaids Tears is the turquoise and Planks Alot the purple.

I have promised myself I will not buy another nail polish for at least a month as I have bought too many recently (Oh apart from the one that should be coming in the post this week!)

I have also started my beauty blog sale and will be adding more items this evening. I definitely need to clear out I have so many products that I don't use sitting in a box unloved, so take a look and tell your friends :)

Hope you are all having a fab weekend!



  1. oo these are lovely soft girly colours! I love OPI and I also love your blog and have become a new follower :) Please check mine out! xxx


  2. I keep buying and buying too haha! Great shades!

  3. I am definitly going to have to stop buying for a while lol!!

    Meg thankyou so much for following, I am off to read your blog now :)



  4. Urgh tell me about it, i promised i would cut down on nail varnishes cos i counted them and i had 101, but now i've got closer to 110 less than 2 weeks later :( boohooo haha but who cares, their could be more expensive things to be addicted to ;) haha these colours are gorgeous, been thinking about getting these for a while but can't justify it because i already have similar colours!


  5. Angie that is naughty!! 101!! I thought I was bad haha!! Maybe I can buy a few more then :p




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