Hi everyone, well I got to go on my shopping trip on Monday but it didn't go quite to plan, to cut a long story short I ended up in the pub most of the afternoon and only just got to LUSH before closing ooooppppssss!!

I got the things I needed but I can't show you pics yet as I am saving them for Saturday, I am going for a night out for the first time in months, so watch out for pics on Sunday of these special products.

I just wanted to show you the best newspaper in the world.

The Lush Times.

I shouldn't have got this paper as I just want to try EVERYTHING in it!! Lots of new products in here.

But after reading through it there is one item I am very excited to try.

Buche de noel.

I need a good cleanser so I am going on the Lush website to order some.

I am the only one who gets excited about new products from Lush?



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