Garnier B.B Cream Sample

I have read a few blogs about the B.B cream and people have mixed reviews. So instead of buying a full sized bottle I requested a sample.

So today my sample arrived.

The little box unfolds and in the centre is your sample and it comes with a £1.00 off voucher when you buy the full sized version. I pulled out my sample from the middle and you don't just get one sachet......

You get three!!

All of the shades are in light this is the only shade they are giving away as samples. I tore one open and applied to the back of my hand, I thought the colour looked quite dark for a light sample (I have very fair skin) but when I applied it to my face it was a perfect match. It smells lovely and blends in evenly for a light coverage which can be built up for more coverage, at first it looked quite dewy, not a look I like personally but after a few minutes it soaked in and it looked really nice, I don't feel like i'm wearing foundation but I have the coverage. So I will definitely be using my £1.00 off voucher to get a full sized version!! It's a thumbs up from me.



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