Clarins Multi Active Day Cream

I recently posted about my Latest in Beauty box that I received for £4.95 and this was one of the products in the box. It's a 15ml sample and I have been using it everyday and I can honestly say I can see a difference to my skin.

Now I am 23, not that old but this cream says on the front 'early wrinkle correction cream' I have a few tiny little wrinkles wanting to stay put more like expression lines tring to set up camp on my face so this cream is what I needed. My skin feels alot firmer and this stuff smells delish!! I hate moisturiser that feels greasy or too thick, this soaks into my skin instantly and my skin feels refreshed, it leaves a lovely dewy glow not greasy at all.............

So I'm hooked, I want more.

I went onto the Debenhams website to see how much a full sized pot would be and it's £38 for 50ml.

Hang on!!

I'm paying £4.95 (this includes delivery) for a 15ml version and a load of other treats in my box (check out Latest in Beauty post to see what else I got). So as it's the run up to (says quietly) Christmas, I want to save money, so I am stocking up on these latest in beauty boxes while I can because for the price of 1 full sized 50ml from the Clarins counter @ £38 I can get 120ml for £40 as well as lots of extra treats through Latest in Beauty!!!

Latest in beauty is abit different to the likes of Boudoir Prive (which I love) and Glossy Box (not tried yet) as with Latest in Beauty you can buy as many boxes as you like, they only change the products every 2 months, also as soon as you order you receive your box 5 days later, there is no subscription.

Money saved.

Do you find little money saving tips just by working out the ml vs price etc?

Have you got any money saving tips to share - I would LOVE to hear them!



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