Models Own Delivery

Today my Models Own order arrived and I have mixed reviews.

I took advantage of their 50% off sale. I bought 5 make up brushes in a pack which are great, I will never have to 'root' through my make up bag again to find them as they are BRIGHT orange!! They are really soft and great shapes, lets see if they stand the test of time, I cannot moan though if they do not as the set usually costs £10 (which is a bargain) but with 50% off they were £5!!!

But the downside of this post is the other items :( I bought a Models Own smash-up nail polish in Orange (meant to be like the Barry M crackle polish), I am very disappointed with this item, it does not crackle, it looks extremely cheap and tacky. I applied a coat of OPI Blonde Date and waited for it to dry. Then applied a coat of the smash-up and dried like a chalky effect and just looked like it had been applied badly (I am no nail technician but I know how to apply nail polish). I tried another polish as a base, still the same effect happened, so this was a big thumbs down for me, but again, I got it very cheap so I am not heartbroken.

I also bought a Grow Fast Mascara, which claims to help your lashes grow. I wear mascara everyday, it's the one product I COULD NOT live without! I went to apply this mascara and noticed the consistency was quite watery? I applied and I had black marks everywhere, I think this is due to the consistency? So again a thumbs down i'm afraid. If you like these items you will find them on MUA.

Thank god for the beautiful brushes is all I can say, I am very happy with these.

Did you get anything from the Models Own sale, if so what and what did you think??



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