Estee Lauder - Counter Review

Week 1 of my challenge to review beauty counters started with Estee Lauder.

PLEASE NOTE: Everything in my review is MY opinion and down to my personal experience .
As an overall score I would give them a 7/10.

I approached the counter and started to browse through the products.

I am on the look out for a good quality foundation so I started looking at what they had. The sales assistant approached me and asked if I need help or was I OK browsing. I told her I was looking for a medium-full coverage foundation and she immediately told me what shade I was and what I should buy, which was great but when I asked her about other foundations and shades she told me she wouldn't go through them and told me that is the shade and type I needed (double wear foundation in shade ecru). Ok.

She then told me she didn't have any samples of it. She then disappeared for a while. I was slightly confused, no price, no offers, no tester? Hhhhmmmm, then she appeared and told me she had found a sample if I would want one, I told her I would like one as I didn't want to spend a lot on a foundation without testing it.

I received a 10 day sample and really like the product after trying it at home, it applies nicely and has the right coverage for me and it is long lasting.

The sales assistant didn't really make me feel comfortable browsing. No smiley face, which is what I would expect from any shop!! And when I told her I use a Sleek blusher she looked at me in disgust!! I love my Sleek blusher and it is great quality and yes it is very cheap but it works for me. So this is reflected in my score.

On the up side though she did inform me that if I wasn't happy with the foundation after buying it they have a full money back guarantee even if you have used it. Which I had never heard of them doing, she said they have always done it, which is an excellent incentive to buy as we all know how expensive it can be making ourselves look beautiful :)

Which beauty counter should I review next week......?



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