Decided To Create A Blog - Here It Goes

Hi everyone,

Well to start off my blog I thought I would start by saying a few things about myself, I am 23 and currently live out in the countryside (not too far from London). I am a Northern girl who has moved down here for work. 

I do not have a glamorous job, my uniform usually consists of jogging bottoms, wellies and a fleece, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE makeup and all things beautiful, and any chance I get, I like to try different products and I am always on the lookout for a bargain - aren't we all!

I decided the start this blog as I am a 'newbie' on the makeup swapping site where I have met lots of lovely girls, two of which are bloggers. I am addicted to their blogs and thought I would give it a go, how successful it will be.....well we shall see. 

I will test different products I buy/swap/receive and honestly review them and generally chat about random things.

To start with though, I am going to set myself a challenge..............

Like most women I love to browse the makeup departments in department stores (Selfridges, John Lewis, Debenhams etc) but do you find 'some' of the makeup staff hound you,n ow I am not saying this is all makeup staff, but in couple of experiences of trying to browse this has been the case, so my challenge is, once a week, I am going to go to a different brand beauty counter and see how helpful they were and basically what products I may have tested or even bought.

Let me know what you think.



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