23 Nov 2014

Made With Love.....

I don't know about you but I am a bit of a card snob! I like thoughtful, pretty, handmade cards and I will happily splash out on good quality cards for special occasions. Now when it comes to Christmas, I buy a big box of pretty cards for friends, colleagues etc and then I spend time looking for specials cards for my close friends and family.

I recently came across a company called *Made With Love who design and make the most amazingly beautiful cards, and not just cards either they source the most beautiful gifts for all occasions!

Welcome to Made With Love - Personalised handmade Greetings Cards, Wedding Stationery & beautiful Gifts & Homewares

"Made With Love Designs is an online boutique and design studio in the UK making personalised greetings cards with a modern twist, wedding stationery to make people 'oooh' & 'ahh' and they also offer an online emporium of pretty things for the home, fabulous gifts & unique and beautiful interiors sourced from around the world".

Made With Love kindly sent me some sample cards for me to share with you and I was not disappointed at all. Cards can be personalised to whatever you would like, making them extra special.....

If you are looking for something special for any occasion, whether that be for Christmas or a wedding you MUST visit this website!

How much do you spend on cards?



22 Nov 2014

NARS Blush - Dolce Vita - Worth The Price Tag?

I have always been a huge fan of high street brands when it comes to blushers, especially from Sleek! But recently I was sent my first ever NARS blush in shade Dolce Vita.

NARS blushers typically cost £22.50 which for me is a hell of a lot as I have been using Sleek blushers for years which cost £4.59! I actually got this blush from cosme-de.com and they sell them for £21.00 (I posted about the website a few weeks a go which you can read HERE).

(Bottom - NARS Dolce Vita)

I picked Dolce Vita as it's the perfect shade for Autumn/Winter, it has a matte finish and the pigmentation is second to non!! I really didn't think the pigmentation of Sleek blushers could be beaten but how wrong I was! This NARS blush lasts ALL day without any top ups and you seriously only need the smallest amount of product.

I have tried many higher end blushers from MAC to Estee Lauder but NARS is now my absolute favourite brand for the best quality blushers and is most definitely worth the price tag, I can't wait to get some more!

I still love Sleek blushers, and if you are on a budget I would still highly recommend them but if you would like to invest in an amazing quality product NARS is the brand for you!

What is your favourite brand for blushers?

17 Nov 2014

W7 Beauty Advent Calendar **SPOLIER**

Each year many many beauty brands bring out advent calendars, I always drool over them all but some are very expensive (and one well known one is £125 - £150!!), I just could not justify spending that amount of money on an advent calendar! So when I read that W7 were bringing out their own advent calender I just had to have one!

*W7's beauty advent calendar retails for around £19.99 so really purse friendly, however price does vary depending on where you buy it from, currently TKMaxx are out of stock online but may still have stock in stores! Many places have sold out of this already as it's such good value for money but I have found it still in stock over at thebrilliantgiftshop.co.uk for £22.00 but you could shop around as many places do stock W7 (you can see stockists HERE).

The calender is bright red and very 'Christmasy'! 

If you would like a sneak peak of what's inside scroll down, if not then....don't!!


Inside you receive 24 treats from mini nail polishes to full sized eyeshadows, you even get the cutest mini lipsticks inside too! Perfect for those Christmas party clutch bags!!! I am very excited to open the rest but I am going to save the rest for December.

Now yes I opened 4 days so we could all have a sneak peak but for those of you who want to know everything inside scroll below, the whole contents is on the back of the calendar.


Would you splash out of a high end beauty advent calendar, go for a purse friendly one like this or stick to good old chocolate?


13 Nov 2014

LBD Season Is Fast Approaching - LighterLife Fast.....

With Christmas sneaking up on us pretty quickly I think we all want to look fantastic in our Christmas dresses....not to forgot the New Year celebrations too with yet more frocks to squeeze into, but Christmas is also the time of year where we all like to indulge, roast dinners, three course meals, chocolate, sweets and my favourite Baileys (or any other festive alcohol). 

When it comes to diets I have to say I am pretty useless, I love food and I never restrict myself to what I eat, I eat pretty healthily but I do have the odd binge! I am a dress size 14 and am happy with my size but wouldn't we all love to loose a couple of pounds here and there?

I was recently asked if I would like to try the *LighterLife Fast diet, I instantly saw the milkshakes and thought......

'Not another milkshake for breakfast and dinner diet?!'

I have tried many diets before but they never usually last past a week so when I read the details of LighterLife Fast I thought this would be really manageable.

"The easy way to keep your weight in check. A 5:2 plan for healthy living. Just fast for any two
 days, and eat and drink normally on the other days.
That's it! It's a great way to lose a little weight or to maintain your current weight more 

So as of next week I will be 'fasting' on 2 days per week, these can be any days you choose and can be different every week which I think is great as some days you may have plans for meals out, parties etc so you don't have to watch what you eat or drink! 
On your fasting days you can eat/drink 4 sachets of any of the LighterLife Fast selection, Lighter Life is exclusive to Superdrug and can be bought in larger stores or online HERE. There is a large product range, ranging from chocolate bars to curry! I chose.....

Spaghetti Bolognese RRP £8.49
Pasta Carbonara RRP £8.49
Chocolate Milkshake RRP £8.49 

Each box contains 4 sachets, and each sachet is high in protein and packed 100% of your daily RDA of vitamins and minerals so you are getting what you need on those days. I will be posting little up dates of how this diet goes....what the fasting days like? And most importantly what the meals taste like? 

Fingers crossed this will be an easy and manageable way to shed a little bit of excess weight to fit into that LBD!

Have you ever tried or heard of LighterLife Fast?

4 Nov 2014

W7 Night Glow Review.....

Have you ever used Benefit's High Beam? Yes, me too and it's a fantastic product, but what if you found a very similar one for a fraction of the price......

*W7 Night Glow is just that! A liquid highlighter that gives you a radiant glow at a few dabs of a stick.

W7 Night Glow RRP between £2.98 - £3.98 depending on retailers.

Surprisingly, for a lower priced product, it comes in a nice box....and yes I know packaging isn't everything but it makes it feel more expensive than it is and the bottle itself is very similar to Benefit's High Beam.

Inside you have a nail polish sized wand to dab a small amount of product on your cheek bones, eyebrow bones or anywhere you want a slight shimmer.

I really like the subtly pearlescent effect the product gives, it's pink toned shade gives a gorgeous glow to anywhere you want.

I am very happy with this product, I especially like using it beneath my brows to highlight my arches! This would be a fab stocking filler or even a little purse friendly treat for yourself! You can buy W7 products from many websites online and in some high street stores too....

Fragrance Direct

Have you tried this product or any other W7 products?

25 Oct 2014

Seventeen Ltd Edition Polishes.....

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a Twitter competition from Seventeen and today I picked up my prize from the post office!

I received 5 full sized limited edition polishes and these couldn't come at a better time, I find glitter polishes so festive! I do have a love hate relationship with glitter polishes, love wearing it.....hate taking it off but the old tin foil trick works a treat, even if it can be a pain looking like Edward Scissor hands while your waiting for the polish to loosen

Anyway take a look at these beauties.....

These are new to the Seventeen range and are in Boots stores now! There is new top coats and polishes called Tinsel, Sequin and Glitter which come in different colours and patterns. I was sent a great selection and the polishes are jam packed with glitter in all shapes and sizes!

 They are £3.99 each and as you all know, Boots very often do 3 for 2 on cosmetics.

These pictures do not do them justice! The top left which is a pink Tinsel effect polish is my favourite, it shimmers in so many different colours!

This Sequin top coat is absolutely brilliant too as the glitter is really chunky and, as with all of them, it's packed with it! This would look amazing on a dark background!

Have you seen any of these polishes in Boots stores yet?

22 Oct 2014

COSME-DE.COM Discount Code & FREE Delivery - But Who Are They.....?

What websites do you think of to buy brands such as NARS, Benefit or even your favourite designer perfumes? COSME-DE.COM spring to mind? No I didn't think so, and I would have never have thought of this website to buy my high end beauty products from until recently!

I was recently contacted by the lovely team behind *COSME-DE.COM and asked if I would like to test their service and I was very intrigued, who wouldn't want a new place to find all of their favourite brands with very competitive prices?!

COSME-DE.COM is a website that stocks a MASSIVE range of beauty products - makeup, skincare and perfume to name a few! There is a huge selection of brands such as.....

~Bobbi Brown
~Marc Jacobs
~Many brands I have never heard of too which is fantastic if your looking to test out new brands!
(Coming soon MAC....I could go on for some time)

COSME-DE.COM is definitely worth having a browse through, especially with Christmas round the corner and also they have very kindly given my readers a discount code for FREE delivery and 10% DISCOUNT......amazing! To use the code enter CDNUK1014 at the checkout (minimum spend £35 and valid until 31st October 2014).

The products are 100% genuine and shipping to the UK takes approximately 7 days, which I think is fantastic for an overseas company! Some items aren't available for individual purchase but the majority are.

I will be reviewing the items I chose from COSME-DE.COM individually over the coming weeks (pictured above is a new brand to me and is possibly the best full coverage BB cream I have ever used....) but I would definitely be having a browse through their website, especially the 'Best Value' section as there is some amazing bargains to be had!!! Grab the discount while you can!!!

Have you ever heard of COSME-DE.COM

19 Oct 2014

What I Love About Autumn Tag.....

I saw this tag on one of my favourite fashion blogs The Style Rawr, the lovely Jade shared her answers to this tag and I thought I would join in as I absolutely LOVE Autumn!

What's your favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks/Costa/Cafe Nero etc?
I am slightly addicted to the gingerbread latte from Costa, I know Winter is well on it's way when this speciality drink comes out! It is just deliciousness in a cup!

What accessories do you opt for, scarf, gloves etc?
I am a big scarf lover! I seem to have accumulated a massive collection of them (my dad is always buying me pretty new scarves), especially from places like Accessorize, Monsoon and M&S have a brilliant range too!

What's your favourite music to listen to during autumn?
I don't really change what I listen too when the seasons change, so just what ever takes my fancy from the charts or whatever is on the radio! I am a 90's addict so I could happily listen to cheesy 90's tunes all year round.

What's your favourite perfume at this time of year?
One of my favourite perfumes and the biggest bargain ever is Suddenly Madame Glamour THE Chanel dupe for Coco Mademoiselle, you can read my review from many moons ago HERE. I am also loving Burberry Woman and Versace Yellow Diamonds, I like heavier scents in the Autumn which are warming.

What candle scents will you be burning this season?
Any festive scents are good for me, I'm currently burning a Febreeze Winter candle which smells sooooo good! Sweet and spicy....yum!

What do you love most about autumn?
Wrapping up and going for long blustery walks with my dog! I love the colours in Autumn, the leaves falling off the trees, cosy nights in, yummy comfort food like roast dinners and stews and as soon as the weather takes a dip (which it has here in Chester) I can crack open the Baileys!!!

Favourite make up look?
In Autumn I go for a medium/full coverage BB cream, rosy cheeks, neutral eyes and a statement berry lipstick.

What are you looking forward to most in autumn?
Everything I mentioned above is what I am most looking forward too. I am also extremely excited for Christmas this year so starting to countdown and get ready for a cosy Winter!

If you are doing this tag too, let me know I would love to read your posts too!

What is your favourite thing about Autumn?