22 Oct 2014

COSME-DE.COM Discount Code & FREE Delivery - But Who Are They.....?

What websites do you think of to buy brands such as NARS, Benefit or even your favourite designer perfumes? COSME-DE.COM spring to mind? No I didn't think so, and I would have never have thought of this website to buy my high end beauty products from until recently!

I was recently contacted by the lovely team behind *COSME-DE.COM and asked if I would like to test their service and I was very intrigued, who wouldn't want a new place to find all of their favourite brands with very competitive prices?!

COSME-DE.COM is a website that stocks a MASSIVE range of beauty products - makeup, skincare and perfume to name a few! There is a huge selection of brands such as.....

~Bobbi Brown
~Marc Jacobs
~Many brands I have never heard of too which is fantastic if your looking to test out new brands!
(Coming soon MAC....I could go on for some time)

COSME-DE.COM is definitely worth having a browse through, especially with Christmas round the corner and also they have very kindly given my readers a discount code for FREE delivery and 10% DISCOUNT......amazing! To use the code enter CDNUK1014 at the checkout (minimum spend £35 and valid until 31st October).

The products are 100% genuine and shipping to the UK takes approximately 7 days, which I think is fantastic for an overseas company! Some items aren't available for individual purchase but the majority are.

I will be reviewing the items I chose from COSME-DE.COM individually over the coming weeks (pictured above is a new brand to me and is possibly the best full coverage BB cream I have ever used....) but I would definitely be having a browse through their website, especially the 'Best Value' section as there is some amazing bargains to be had!!! Grab the discount while you can!!!

Have you ever heard of COSME-DE.COM

19 Oct 2014

What I Love About Autumn Tag.....

I saw this tag on one of my favourite fashion blogs The Style Rawr, the lovely Jade shared her answers to this tag and I thought I would join in as I absolutely LOVE Autumn!

What's your favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks/Costa/Cafe Nero etc?
I am slightly addicted to the gingerbread latte from Costa, I know Winter is well on it's way when this speciality drink comes out! It is just deliciousness in a cup!

What accessories do you opt for, scarf, gloves etc?
I am a big scarf lover! I seem to have accumulated a massive collection of them (my dad is always buying me pretty new scarves), especially from places like Accessorize, Monsoon and M&S have a brilliant range too!

What's your favourite music to listen to during autumn?
I don't really change what I listen too when the seasons change, so just what ever takes my fancy from the charts or whatever is on the radio! I am a 90's addict so I could happily listen to cheesy 90's tunes all year round.

What's your favourite perfume at this time of year?
One of my favourite perfumes and the biggest bargain ever is Suddenly Madame Glamour THE Chanel dupe for Coco Mademoiselle, you can read my review from many moons ago HERE. I am also loving Burberry Woman and Versace Yellow Diamonds, I like heavier scents in the Autumn which are warming.

What candle scents will you be burning this season?
Any festive scents are good for me, I'm currently burning a Febreeze Winter candle which smells sooooo good! Sweet and spicy....yum!

What do you love most about autumn?
Wrapping up and going for long blustery walks with my dog! I love the colours in Autumn, the leaves falling off the trees, cosy nights in, yummy comfort food like roast dinners and stews and as soon as the weather takes a dip (which it has here in Chester) I can crack open the Baileys!!!

Favourite make up look?
In Autumn I go for a medium/full coverage BB cream, rosy cheeks, neutral eyes and a statement berry lipstick.

What are you looking forward to most in autumn?
Everything I mentioned above is what I am most looking forward too. I am also extremely excited for Christmas this year so starting to countdown and get ready for a cosy Winter!

If you are doing this tag too, let me know I would love to read your posts too!

What is your favourite thing about Autumn?

16 Oct 2014

How 'Bout Them Apples?

Yesterday I posted about The Original Beauty Blender which I got as a free gift for signing up to Birchbox (you can read the post HERE) and another free gift I was sent was this absolute beauty.....

TheBalm How 'Bout Them Apples Lip & Cheek Palette RRP £26.50

I am not usually a fan of cream products for my cheeks but I think theBalm have converted me with this fantastic palette!!! 

First of all how gorgeous is the packaging?!?! I suppose this is helped by the hunky men looking after each shade. The sturdy packaging is surrounded by a cute cardboard sleeve and the palette itself has a magnetic close and a whopping great big mirror inside.

There are six huge pans filled with what I can only describe as silky cream product. The reason I usually don't like cream cheek products is that they feel waxy and are hard to work with and these are just the total opposite to everything I dislike, win!!!

The six shades (Cider, Cobbler, Pie, Crisp, Candy, Caramel) are all highly pigmented and when you touch them they almost melt onto you skin like butter.....well without the grease.....you get what I mean!

They are so easy to blend into the apples of your cheeks using your fingers or a brush and they leave a healthy glow on your skin stays put! Using them on your lips is just as great however they don't last as long as my usual lipsticks but I will mostly be using this as a cheek palette so I don't particularly mind that.

I have owned a few TheBalm blushers and I adored them but for some reason I sort of forgot about the brand but I have well and truly fallen back in love! TheBalm is stocked in many many places online and Superdrug even stock the range!

Have you tried any TheBalm products? What are your thoughts?


15 Oct 2014

The Original Beauty Blender: Worth The Hype.....?

You may have already heard about The Beauty Blender, when it came out people were really excited to try it out, I however didn't jump on the bandwagon, something just didn't really appeal to me. I have never been one for using beauty sponges but when I signed up to Birchbox last month, new subscribers were sent a free beauty blender.

I was intrigued to test it out to see what all of the fuss was about.....

"An edgeless, non-disposable, high-definition cosmetic sponge applicator. The unique 

shape and exclusive material available only with beautyblender® ensures impeccable, 

streak-free application with minimum product waste. Use it with primers, foundations,

 powders, cream blushes, and any other complexion product."

The Beauty Blender is available to buy from many places online such as Beauty Bay and Amazon and retails for approximately £15.00.

The first thing I noticed was how small it was, not what I was expecting. It comes in a clear plastic sleeve and a nice addition is a solid Blender Cleanser to wash your Beauty Blender with.

You are meant to apply product you chosen product, whether that be foundation or cream blushers, either directly to the sponge or on your hand and use a dabbing effect on your face to create an airbrush finish. The first time I tried this it seem to take a lifetime to put my foundation on, yes the sponge is super soft and leaves a nice finish but I can't help but think that if it was slightly larger this would take far less effort. Another thing I noticed it how much of my product stuck to the sponge, the product claims minimum waste but unfortunately this wasn't the case for me.

I do love the finish and the shape is great as the narrow end is quite useful to get to those hard to reach places like around your nose and eyes. I do like the product but I don't think anything can replace my Real Techniques Stippling Brush for my foundation however I think The Beauty Blender is great for cream blushers as it applies really evenly! I am really glad I have tried it but, for me, I wouldn't spend £15 to replace it, I would much prefer a new RT brush.

Have you tried The Beauty Blender? What are your thoughts?

8 Oct 2014

Zoella Beauty: Review Blissful Mistful.....

Unless you have not had internet access or left your home for a good few weeks you will already know about the release of Zoella Beauty created by the gorgeous Zoella.

If you don't know who Zoella is, she is a Youtube sensation with over 6,000,000 subscribers and she has been blogging for many years too! She has designed a range of beauty products that represent her and when these products went on sale on Feel Unique they sold out extremely quickly!

Zoella Beauty is now being stocked in most larger Superdrugs, so while I was off work I just had to see if my local Superdrug (Chester) stocked it and they did hurrah.....

Well some of it, some of it had also sold out in store!!! 

In the range there is:

Zoella Soak Opera  - Bath soak/shower cream RRP £5.00 for 490ml
Zoella Creamy Madly Dreamy - Body lotion RRP £5.00 for 160ml
Zoella Lets Glow Candle - RRP £5.00
Zoella Fizz Bar - Bath fizzers RRP £5.00
Two different designed beauty bags (the guinea pig one is so cute) - RRP £8.00

Zoella Blissful Mistful - Frangranced body mist RRP £8.00 for 45ml.

"A super light and feminine body spritz to scent your body with fresh and floral notes. 

Enriched with Vitamin E and fruit extracts - bliss in a bottle!
Delicately scents the body with a super feminine blend of fresh and floral notes."
I have to say the scent is lovely, fresh, fruity and girly, exactly what I look (or sniff) for in a perfume! I really like the look of the square glass bottle and the rose gold effect lid! The perfume transfers onto skin nicely but it doesn't stay around for too long which is dissapointing meaning you need to top up throughout the day. 

I really like the scent, however I wouldn't repurchase this product as I like a perfume/body mist/body spray to stick around all day or for a good few hours at least. I do want to get the candle next time as when I had a smell it smelt amazing and I do not know why I didn't grab one at the time! I also really want to try the bath fizzers as they seem to be extremely popular.....oh and the guinea pig beauty case!!!

Have you tried any of the Zoella Beauty range yet? What are you thoughts?

6 Oct 2014

Winter Wish List #1 - Jumpers.....

I know it isn't Winter just yet, but it's getting pretty chilly here in the UK and I have started thinking about my Winter wardrobe and makeup.....we all go and grab berry shade lipsticks at this time of year don't we, or is that just me??? 

I will be doing a little series of essential items for your Winter wardrobe! Today I have been browsing the Internet for cosy Winter jumpers and I have found some gorgeous ones to suit every budget.....

Dorothy Perkins have some amazing special offers on their range of jumpers at the moment, the majority of them are all under £25 and lots of them have been discounted, there is a huge selection online!

I really need the River Island cardigan in my life, I think it's so pretty and would look great with some skinny jeans and flat boots, like the ones I got for a bargain price of £5 (you can see them HERE).

Have you started getting your Winter wardrobe ready?


This isn't a sponsored post, I just wanted to share with you what I have been lusting over!
4 Oct 2014

LUSH Christmas Is Here.....

This morning I rushed in to town to go and grab some of my all time favourite soap from LUSH.....

The Christmas collection from LUSH arrived in stores yesterday and I was excited to pick up some Snowcake soap, it has been a favourite of mine for many years and if you have been reading my blog since the beginning you will know how much I love it!

The lovely staff in my local LUSH (Chester) showed me the whole Christmas collection, I am currently full of a cold so couldn't smell things in store with all of the delicious scents mixing into one but I was shown some of the bath bombs and bubble bars in action, and if you are a LUSH fan like me you will not be disappointed with this years offerings!

Above is Holly Go Lightly, which is a super glittery bath melt which when in water goes the brightest most true Christmas tree green I have ever seen, absolutely amazing!

The reason I went was to grab a slab of Snowcake but I ended up with 3 of their Christmas soaps and I have to say.....I may have a new favourite!!!

I got: Snowcake RRP £3.40 per 100g, Reindeer Rock RRP £3.10 per 100g and Yog Nog RRP £3.40 per 100g.

Snowcake, ah how I have missed thee! It's creamy, it has a light scent and leaves skin silky smooth, I have raved many times about this product but it has some stiff competition this year....

"This shimmering sweet marzipan-scented soap makes for a creamy and comforting Christmas treat. Made with a palm-free soap base, benzoin, soothing rose and uplifting cassie absolutes, this soap creates a rich and luxurious lather."

Yog Nog, I think, has knocked Snowcake of my top spot! It smells divine, good enough to eat and the texture almost feels like a bath melt, smooth and creamy. I have literally just used this in the shower and cannot stop smelling my skin! It's warming, spicy and the nutmeg scent really comes through, perfect for Winter!
"A creamy Christmas tipple of a soap made with moisturising soya yoghurt and a dash of festive spice. Lather up and indulge your senses with this fudgy blend of clove bud and ylang ylang essential oils. Dusted with a generous amount of aromatic cocoa powder, you’ll be ready to don your best Christmas knitwear after using this spicy little number that's 100% palm-free."

Reindeer Rock smells exactly the same as my favourite bubble bar, The Comforter, if you have smelt or used The Comforter before you will know exactly how delicious this smells, sweet and packed with berry scents. On the front of the soap is an aztec inspired design with carved reindeer's which are filled with LUSH's fine silver glitter which is extremely cute!

"This sparkling, reindeer-embossed soap is a berrylicious treat made from a dried lingonberry infusion. The delicate mix of uplifting and cleansing bergamot oil fuses with calming and toning cypress to leave you feeling refreshed, comforted and ready for the Christmas rush."

Have you seen any of the LUSH Christmas collection yet? 
What is on your wish list?
3 Oct 2014

Your Dreamcatcher - Comfort At It's Best.....

I am not afraid to admit that my PJ's are my favourite thing to wear (well they were...see below...) especially now Winter is well and truly on it's way! I always want to be cosy and warm and have the comfort of my PJ's all of the time but sometimes, unfortunately, we have to leave the house! 

I was recently introduced to a new brand called Your Dreamcatcher created by the lovely Julia at the beginning of this year, so who are they and what do they do.....

"Here at Your Dreamcatcher HQ we love to dress up as much as the next person and would all like to don designer clothes but we also like good value for money and love to lounge around at home in comfort. We have created a range of clothing that will be comfortable inside the home but that can also be worn outside the home and has a fun design to inspire you and your friends to enjoy and follow your dreams."

I was kindly sent a pair of their *Jogging Bottoms (RRP £27.99) which are absolutely gorgeous, when opening the package I found a business card and on the back is an inspirational quote which I think is a lovely touch (and I have seen different quotes on different cards) as well as that, inside the package is a bag of scented beads, again a really nice touch!

The jogging bottoms have the very cute dreamcatcher logo on and are fleece lined so they are extremely comfy to wear around the house or popping out to the shops....I am not one to wear my PJ's to the shops like some people do so these are just perfect for in and out of the house! They are officially my new lazy day trousers. they have a drawstring waist for comfort and have elasticated ankles making them nice and snug!

Your Dreamcatcher don't just do jogging bottoms, they have a growing range of leisure wear and they even have some extremely cute dreamcatcher accessories (I already have my eye on the pieces below).....


I would definitely recommend visiting their website HERE or you can keep updated with their news, reviews and discounts by following them on Twitter HERE.

Have you ever heard of Your Dreamcatcher before?